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Decor for any purpose

Decor for any purpose – The art of creating an artificial illusion of something existing.

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From the drawing board to the finished result – We help you to realize your ideas.

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From the mountain top to the tropical island

We deliver, assemble and build up the set design anywhere on the globe.

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Production in own specially adapted premises

Preproduction in the workshop for smooth, easy and quick on-site assembly.

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No project is too small or too big – we create a entirety.

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M3V AB was founded in 2006 and specializes in the construction of decoration and set design. We can supply finished decor solutions from drawing board to finished product for the television, feature films, commercials, theater, trade shows, events, exhibitions, and restaurant interiors. Production takes place in its own specially adapted premises.

M3V has its headquarters in Stockholm and in Uddevalla but operates worldwide to both Swedish and foreign companies.
With a large network and with a broad knowledge in many different areas, we can take on larger projects and productions and serve as the prime contractor.

Mattas Müller
Mattias Müller
M3V Produktion AB


TV/movie sets

Decor for all types of productions and recordings. Preproduction in our workshop for easy assembly or manufacturing on location.


Production of attributes and special props.

Decorative painting

Decor painting is the icing on the cake, in our work that completes the illusion of something existing. Patina, graining, marbling.

Public decor and decorating

Decor and decorations for exhibitions, museums, shops, restaurants and all public places.

Trade Fairs/ Display cases

Custom-built business stands for requests or entire exhibition decors.


Theme party, company event. The decor makes the event.

Design & set design

From the drawing board to the finished result – We help you to realize your ideas from sketch to finished product.

Mechanical Special Effects

Mechanical special effects for theater, television and film recordings





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